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Space Synthesizer One of MHC's ambient vst plugins. It is suitable for ambient music and electronic music which you have previously used generic plugins for. This is one of our plugins which is tailor made for ambient
Size: 3.08MB
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synthesizer ambient string synthesizer ambient effect  
Synthesizer One HD Synthesizer One combines wave table and analog oscillators.
Size: 13.34MB
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string synthesizer synthesizer instrument china mobile pc  
Mini Synthesizer A simple synthesizer / tone-generator
Size: 17 KB
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audio synthesizer synthesizer synthesize  
Midicode Synthesizer A fresh approach to software synthesis with the strong features.
Size: 1.91MB
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Synthesizer One LE Synthesizer One combines wave table and analog oscillators.
Size: 12.04MB
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freeware synthesizer mareew media recovery  
Synthesizer One Native Synthesizer One combines wave table and analog oscillators.
Size: 13.28MB
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ID3 Tag Editor string synthesizer sof vlc media player  

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SynthLab Synthesize audio files with this piece of software.
Size: 632 KB
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audio synthesizer synthesize audio direct sound output  
Vintage Strings MkII Super realistic string machine VSTi that emulates analog string machines
Size: 2.0 KB
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VST string synth bowin string string synthesizer  
Knack A modular sound synthesizer
Size: 147 KB
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synthesizer synthesis Stereo sound synthesizer  
Piano Player An easy to use piano synthesizer
Size: 86 KB
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mp4 synthesizer piano synthesizer piano emulator  
Nyquist A sound synthesis tool to help you with your work.
Size: 3.6 MB
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compose audio synthesizer synthesizer synthesis  
Polyvoks Station VSTi Play different musical compositions
Size: 1.4 MB
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VST plugin VST plugin synthesizer musical VSTi Host  

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Mini Synthesizer Free mini synthesizer Mini Synthesizer is a small and useful audio synthesizer / tone-generator.
Size: 17 KB
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audio synthesizer synthesizer synthesize  
Free Alpha From LinPlug Virtual Instruments : Focused on the essential modules of an analogue synthesizer Alpha 3 offers true hands on operation. Alpha 3 is the sum of all our experience in synthesizer manufactu...
Size: 680.73K
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virtual synthesizer  
Alice-1377 VSTi Programme synthesizer Alice-1377 is created on base of the classical soviet synthesizer Alisa-1377. This electronic musical synthesizer intends for signal's design of audible range of band with a poss...
Size: 1.26MB
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vsti cubase energyxt vsti 2 sisoftware sandra 2005  
TimbreWolf Virtual analogue synthesizer and sequencer. TimbreWolfis a digital emulation of a classic twin oscillator synthesizer/step sequencer combination. Including manyof the features of traditional harware s...
Size: 688K
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rich text Paste Text text images text paste  
RD-H30+ Rubberduck is a virtual acid and techno software-synthesizer for your PC. Its whole concept is based on the legendary cult synthesizer Roland TB-303. Features include Standalone software synthesizer, ...
Size: 968.27K
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JN0-303 JN0-303 exam roland drummachine roland synthesizer  
Tiny Sample Generator Tiny Sample Generator is a small program designed to be a small low level software synthesizer, its very difficult to use, but the documentation includes a bit of theory which might help if your tryin...
Size: 220 KB
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synthesizer generator modular synthesizer sample